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Demonstrator's Cards

Carmel C.

15 Cards


Carol L.

90 Cards

Cath T.


Cards  Added


Chris H.

12 Cards

Christine W.

53 Cards

Darlene T.

25 Cards

Debbie W.

1 Card

Diane C.

38 Cards

Dianne B.

44 Cards

Donna J.

149 Cards

Elaine B.

6 Cards

Gloria R.

111 Cards

Helen A.

2 Cards

Jacki R.

3 Cards

Jan M.

46 Cards

Janice O.

9 Cards

Janine G.

170 Cards

Jennie M

125 Cards

Jenny A

3 Cards

Jenny H.

73 Cards

Julie H.

10 Cards

Julie S

19 Cards

Karen G.

11 Cards

Katrina M.

215 Cards

Kathy A.

3 cards

Kellie G.

30 Items

Kellie M.

24 Items

Kim S

10 Cards

Lesley M.

6 Cards

Liz P.



Lydia L.

25 Cards

Lyn W.

2 Cards

Lynn G.

10 Cards

Melissa K.

170 Cards

Melissa N.

3 Cards

Michelle B.

25 Cards

Michelle F.

12 Cards

Monica E.

10 Cards

Nada J.

4 Cards

Nicky S.

9 Cards

Nicole D.

10 Cards

Pauline G.

 7 Cards

Patricia R.

20 Cards

Rhonda B.

41 Cards

Rhonda S.

38 Cards

Robyn H.

10 Cards

Ros D.


Ros T.

30 Cards

Sarah E.

55 Cards

Cards  Added


Shona C.

31 Cards


Tracey B.

133 Cards

Tracey H.

17 Cards


Tracey W.

23 Cards

Trish M.

13 Cards


Valita R.

106 Cards

Violet G.

13 Cards


Wendy T.

97 Cards


120 Cards

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New Stamp Swap

 12 Cards




Shadow Box Swap

 7 Cards


Ros Detering's Card Swap    

8 Cards



Fathers Day


7 cards

Lynn's Swap

72 Cards

Katrina's Demonstrator

Shaker Card Swap

 6 Cards

Dianne B's Christmas Card Swap

 5 Cards

Tracey B's Swap 

7 Cards

Katrina's Teddy Bear Swap

17 Cards

It's Time

 Card Challenge

7 Cards

Heidi's Birthday Card Swap

10 Cards

Wendy's Swap

17 items

Christmas Swap

7 Cards

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Stamp Camp 2003


Special Christmas Tags Made at Stamp Camp




Special Cards Made at Stamp Camp



Customer's Cards



10 Cards

Katrina N.

9 Items


14 Cards


5 Cards


10 Cards

Leonie S

20 Cards

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